Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones launched, to be available from April 21


samsung galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+
◄ Samsung just unveiled two new phones and slew of accessories at Unpacked 2017 event. The devices were unveiled at a press event at New York City’s Lincoln Center. The phones will also have Bixby, the company’s latest voice assistant.
◄ The Samsung S8 can be the make or break moment for the company in a market where its direct competition is Apple, especially after its previous disastrous(literally) venture with the Samsung Note 7.
◄ The Samsung S8 is said to be launched with an edge-to-edge display which will cover the entire front space of the device. The Samsung S8 has been launched in 2 different sizes- 5.8 inch and 6.2-inch screens and their prices will vary accordingly.
samsung galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+
◄ Samsung also launched the signature intelligent personal assistant Bixby, similar to that of Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. It is to run on the new Android 7 and will be made available in Gold, Grey and Black.
◄ Although Blue might also be an option this year. The fingerprint scanner for the device will be located right next to the rear camera.
samsung galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+
Mind Blowing Features
◄ No mention of exploding Note 7 smartphone, or the arrested Samsung CEO, yet.
◄ Samsung really going for the progression of mobile through the ages. Maybe because of its own recent regression.
◄ “A new kind of smartphone” going beyond the limits of anything before. Fancy.
◄ Mark Notton from Samsung, speaks about the meaty specs.
◄ Samsung had been forced to recall all the defective phones and put a stop to the production of the Note 7.
◄ Viewers can also watch the event when it live streams on Samsung Mobile YouTube channel.
◄ Galaxy S8 will feature an edge to edge display, meaning, the entire front portion of the device will be taken over by the display.
◄ The new flagship device will come in two different sizes- 5.8 inch and 6.2-inch screens.
◄ The phone is likely to be made available in Gold, Grey and Black, although some reports suggest that a Blue might also be an option.
◄ The S8 series is likely to run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and come with 4GB RAM and a 128 GB device inbuilt storage
◄ Autofocus Front Camera quickly detects your face to take perfect selfies in any conditions.
◄ Infinity Display means more screen for a more immersive viewing experience.
◄ The all-new GalaxyS8 takes you beyond the limits of any phone you’ve known before.
◄ A more efficient processor means faster downloads, longer battery life, and less wasted energy.
◄ A phone you can use at the pool, in the rain… even in the shower.
◄ Bixby is intelligence reimagined, offering a suite of services that changes how you use your phone.
◄ Now, instead of typing the password, you are the password.
◄ A new Iris Scanner and facial recognition give the perfect combination of security and convenience.
◄ Bixby knows what’s happening on your screen, so you can switch seamlessly between voice and touch.
◄ With Bixby, we’ve built intelligence into the camera, so it understands what we’re seeing.
◄ Bixby learns and adapts to your routines to anticipate what you need.