Breaking News! Dhoni retires on 13th of this month, shocking cricket fans..!


The final Test is going on between India and Sri Lanka. the one day series between India vs srilanka will begin after this final test. The first ODI will be held in Dharamsala on December 10 and the second one will be played in Mohali on 13.Now the unprecedented priority has been achieved. The reason is that this is the last one for Dhoni.


After this match Dhoni will be retired. Why is this decision suddenly taken by Dhoni? Why the media, which prominent criticisms of Dhoni, could not understand this? Have you fallen into thinking? But you have to read it completely.


It is true that Dhoni retires after Mohali ODI, Dhoni is not former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. this is dog named as “Dhoni” this dog serving last 10 years in the Mohali District Police Department. Dhoni has been specializing in the Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) stadium in his career.


Every time the international matches take place, the stadium is checked by this dog. Bharat-Pak was in the 2011 World Cup semi-finals. The match was attended by the Prime Ministers of the then two countries. The caretaker Amrik Singh said, “Dhoni is also in the team who oversees the security at the stadium. John and Preity, along with Dhoni, will be retiring from the Police Department after the Mohali match.According to the in-charge of dog squad, Amrik Singh, Dhoni has been instrumental in assisting the police in its security operations for international matches for several years now.