Viral : Indore Mayor pays floral tribute to PM Narendra Modi, Madhya Pardesh CM Chouhan along with dead husband


◄ In India paying respect to someone can be expressed in various ways — from draping a stole to putting a garland on the person. But when a garland is put on the picture of the same person, it completely changes its meaning and turns into something sad.
◄ Yes, death. Paying floral tribute to a picture of a person who is alive, is perhaps only acceptable for television dramas and certainly not in the case of politicians. And if it happens to be our prime minister, you must understand the magnitude of the goof up.
◄ Yes, it happened. Indore Mayor Malini Gaud paid floral tributes to Narendra Modi and Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan along with putting a garland on her dead husband’s picture.
◄ According to a report by News 18, during a function at her home, the BJP mayor, wife of former Madhya Pradesh cabinet minister late Laxman Singh Gaud, paid respect to all of them. However, not once did it occur to anyone that it might send out some wrong message.
◄ The report added that local BJP unit in Indore shied away from making a comment about the strange incident.
Attention was drawn to the controversial act by a Congress MLA Jitu Patwari. Patwari slammed the mayor and said the concerned person should be punished, adding that the mayor was only spared as she hailed from the BJP.
◄ A similar incident had created huge uproar two years ago when floral tributes were paid to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. A Jharkhand minister was slammed after she offered floral tribute to the former president when he was alive.
◄ Similarly, when a school principal accidently thought that Atal Bihari Vajpayee was dead and conducted a prayer meet, he was suspended.