UP CM Adityanath says Surya Namaskar is similar to Namaz


Yogi adithyanath says suryanamaskar similar to namaaz
◄ LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi on Wednesday said Surya Namaskar has many similarities to the Namaz offered by Muslims.
◄ Aditynath was addressing a gathering on the inaugural day of the three-day UP yoga mahotsava here.
◄ Muslim bodies have opposed yoga and Surya Namaskar calling it anti-Islam and stating that their religion does not permit any such practice.
◄ Thanking Ayush ministry for holding yoga mahotsavs in various districts and promoting yoga in a big way, CM Adityanath Yogi said, “holding such programmes earlier in India would have been treated as communal.”
◄ “Imagine someone telling the Union Government before 2014 about holding a yoga mahotsav,” Yogi said adding, “without doubt the person coming up with such asn idea would have been dubbed communal”.
◄ “We all will have to decide, who actually is communal,” Yogi said and added, “during Surya Namaskar, if one closely observes all the postures it would be clear that they are very similar to the Namaz offered by Muslim brothers.”
◄ “There is such a wonderful coordination between the two, but never before had any effort been made to bring them together, as some people find benefit in votes and not in yoga. Those who have divided the society on the lines of caste, creed and religion cannot believe in yoga,” the chief minister said.
◄ “To progress one has to be disciplined, and to ensure discipline, one has to maintain self-discipline, which is only possible with yoga,” CM Adityanath said.
◄ After various state governments decided to make yoga and Surya Namaskar compulsory in schools last year, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) had launched a nationwide campaign against it.