MS Dhoni and I Have Moved On: Julie 2 Actor Raai Laxmi Opens Up About Her Affair with the Cricketer !


MS Dhoni and I Have Moved On: Julie 2 Actor Raai Laxmi Opens Up About Her Affair with the Cricketer
Raai Laxmi, the South siren will be setting the Bollywood silver screen ablaze with her bold thriller drama Julie 2. The film’s official trailer had upped the anticipation from the sequel of Neha Dhupia’s original Julie.
The film has got an ‘A’ certificate without any cuts from the Censor Board of Film Certification and apart from Laxmi’s sensuality, one thing that has raised eyebrows was the super-sanskari ex-chief CBFC – Pahlaj Nihalani’s association with the bold script. Laxmi might be marking her Bollywood debut with Julie 2 but she’s not new to the film industry and has worked in over 60 films in 4 languages down south.

In a recent interview with to a digital portal, Laxmi had stated, “When I started in the south Indian industry, I didn’t know anybody. I had no godfathers, no connections in any entertainment industry in any part of India. I got films on my own. Yes, I am self-made and very proud of it.”
When asked about casting couch, the actor stated, “I never had to face the casting couch.” She, however, did not hesitate to tell her experience as a struggler and said, “But I was propositioned in indirect ways and subjected to a lot of humiliation. It is something all newcomers go through unless you are from the film industry. Otherwise, all newcomers have to take the route of struggle. Luckily I got my first film (in Tamil) quite easily. My actual struggle began after that. I had no work for some time.”

Laxmi had an affair with the Indian skipper MS Dhoni and when the portal prompted her about it, the bold and beautiful Laxmi exasperated, “It didn’t affect my career. But it seems to have made a permanent place in my reputation. So many years after it ended I am still being asked about it. The strange part is, the headlines in Mumbai make it seem as if I am seeking publicity by talking about him when in truth I’ve gotten over whatever existed between us a long time ago. I’ve been in 4-5 relationships since. No one asks about them although my boyfriends were well-known. Why MS Dhoni?”

Julie 2 is slated for release an October 6th release.