10 Places in India for The Ultimate Holi Experience in 2017 !


1. Jaipur: Holika Dahan and Thandai
 Jaipur Holika Dahan and Thandai
An abode to magnificent palaces, splendid forts and charming architectural buildings, Jaipur is vivid during the festival of Holi. The celebrations are held at multiple locations.

From Delhi the aerial distance is 241 km. There are many trains from New Delhi to Jaipur. The minimum time a train takes to reach Jaipur from New Delhi is 3h 46m.

HolidayIQ reviewer Ashi says, “We went there for holi and there was a thandai and colours program. Best Experience: the hotel people had organised a Holika program and we enjoyed it very much.” HolidayIQ reviewer Amit Roy says, “It was a full moon on Holi festival day. The hotel provided us lantern and candlelight dinner on their restaurant verandah. Very very romantic.”

2. Barsana in Mathura: The birthplace of Radha
.”The Birth Place of Radha
It is believed that Barsana is the childhood home of Radha. The town is also the only place in India where lath mar Holi is played.

Barsana is located at around 20 km away from Kosi. It is the centre of the Nagar panchayat in the Mathura District. Prepaid cabs and UPSRTC buses are available to reach the town from the airport.

HolidayIQ reviewer Laxmikant says, “The crowd’s enthusiasm for their beloved Lord Krishna can only be seen to be believed. Holi, the festival of colours that brings in unfettered joy, fun and play, music and dance with a myriad of bright colours! With winter left behind, it is time to look ahead to the spring season and enjoy this colourful and lovely occasion!”

3. Vrindavan: The land of Krishna

 Vrindavan: The land of Krishna
Vrindavan is a beautiful town in the Mathura district. Hailed as the place of Lord Krishna’s birth, this divine place is considered to be holy for the Hindus. 

It does not have an airport. the nearest airport is Kheria Airport. Nearest bus stand is Mathura. Mathura Cant railway station is 10 km away.

HolidayIQ reviewer Laxmikant says, “In Vrindavan, Holi celebration is seen in full glory with a visit to the famous Banke-Bihari Temple.”

4. Shantiniketan: Basanta Utsav
Shantiniketan: Basanta Utsav
‘Basant Utsav’, a version of Holi, is one of the major festivals of Shantiniketan when people come together with colours, dance performances and Tagore’s music to welcome the coming spring.

The most convenient way to reach Santiniketan is by train. The nearest station is Bolpor Station which is hardly 2-3 km away. You can easily hire a bus or a cab to drive you to your accommodation’s location.

HolidayIQ reviewer Harish says, “I went to Santiniketan with my spouse during Holi festival to see Dol function of Vishwa Bharti University.” HolidayIQ reviewer Debopriyo says, “We went Santiniketan with a friend in Holi. It is famous for Basanta Utsav.”

5. Ujjain: Applying colour on Lord Shiva
Ujjain: Applying colour on Lord Shiva
Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh is an ancient city and holds great historical importance. The celebration of Holi every year is started off with applying colours to Lord Shiva. After which, the forum of Holi is open for the locals. 
Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (IDR) at Indore is the nearest airport to Ujjain, 55 km away. Indore is connected to major cities in India by air. It has direct air connectivity with New Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Raipur and Ahmedabad.

HolidayIQ reviewer Vishnu says, “Since the visiting day March 1st was Rang Panchami day of Holi celebrations, the city, the people and the places were vivid in different colours. The celebrating people sprayed colours on everybody in support of the festivities. Really, the Ujjain trip was a new experience.”

6. Digha: Holi by the beach
Digha: Holi by the beach
Digha, during the Holi, is an extremely vibrant sight.Locals and people from the nearby places flock in to play with colours on the beaches. 

To travel to Digha from Kolkata, it takes around 4 hours. Kolkata to Digha trains are available and the time take to cover the distance is approximately 3 hours. 

HolidayIQ reviewer Vicky says, “I have visited Digha with my friends during Holi festival and it was a great experience.”

7. Dwarka: The Holi puja
 Dwarka: The Holi puja
Dwarka is a renowned historical and religious site and has the Dwarkadheesh Temple or Jagat Temple, which was built more than 2000 years ago. Being the legendary birthplace of Lord Krishna, Holi is one of the most important festival here. 

Jamnagar airport, at a distance of 45 km is the nearest airport to Dwarka. You can take bus or taxi to the town. It lies on the railway line connecting major cities of Gujarat and western India. Many express trains ply on these routes and connect with Dwarka.

HolidayIQ reviewer Rajesh says, “The main shrine of the city, the Dwarkadheesh Temple, is a major attraction for the devout, particularly during festivals like Holi and Janmashtami.”

8. Munsiyari: Folk songs and dance
Munsiyari: Folk songs and dance
Surrounded by snow-clad peaks, the name of the town, Munsiyari literally means ‘a place with snow’. The feature of Holi in Kumaon is substantial drinking and playing with colours for two days at a stretch. 

Munsiyari is a very long drive from Delhi and a break journey at Vijaypur, Chaukori or Almora is advisable. You can take a bus from Anand Vihar ISBT to Almora and then another bus to Munsiyari. One can also take a bus from Pithoragarh, which is 135 km from the town.

HolidayIQ reviewer Shubham says, “All the villagers get together on the special festival of Holi. We were also there with them, drank local alcohol made up of rice. It was a great experience.We played Holi with the people of Munshiyari, so lovable and friendly.”

9. Bikaner: The Braj festival
Bikaner: The Braj festival
In Bikaner, it is a religious custom, a Puskarnabrahmin, a family member of Joshi has to cut down a Tani, a large rope with his sword while people throw colours and water in order to distract him from his endeavour.
Nal Airport is located 13 km west of Bikaner and by train, it is well connected with cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Agra, Jaipur, Allahabad.

HolidayIQ reviewer Amit says, “A place to visit where you can know about Rajasthan’s history and the brave kings. It’s a place where you find delicious food and how humble the people are.”

10. Hampi: Where west and east celebrate side by side

Hampi: Where west and east celebrate side by side
Hampi is inhabited by both locals and tourists, all throughout the year, mostly foreign nationals. Hence many parts of Hampi celebrates Holi in order to showcase the colourful festival and it’s significance. 

The nearest railhead from Hampi is Hospet at a distance of 13 km. You can hire taxi or cab to reach the place. Hospet is well connected to major cities and towns and some of them are Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa.

HolidayIQ reviewer Meenakshi says, “Hampi, a live example of India’s rich heritage and a must-visit no matter which part of India you belong to! Wonderful and unbelievable sculptures, temples, remains of this vast Vijayanagar Empire is a treat for art lovers and explorers